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Logo design : Purusharth

Purushartha is a key concept in Hinduism, referring to the four ultimate goals of human life. The term is derived from two Sanskrit words; purusha, meaning "human being," and artha, meaning "purpose" or "objective." As such, purushartha can be translated as the “object of human pursuit” or “purpose of human beings.” Arranged in order of priority from lowest to highest, the four purushartha are: artha (prosperity and economic values), kama (sensual pleasures), dharma (righteousness and morality), and moksha (liberation from the cycle of reincarnation).

The client had businesses in various fields such as real estate, builder, investor, fuel station owner and a politician. He wanted us to come up with a logo design and branding kit which is versatile, displays positivity and growth, and appears bold and eye-catching. 

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